Thursday, November 30, 2017

A new mental paradigm

Several months back I became incredibly fascinated with the Heathen god and mythic persona of Odin. He's a very complex character, who may have links to other gods like Hermes, Mercury, Zeus, etc. He's the god of war, but also of poetry, and he sacrificed his eye to attain more wisdom. He really is a romantic figure. An immortal human like man who is sometimes portrayed as all-powerful and muscular, but also as a tired and frail wanderer. In the lore presented in the "Book of the SubGenius", Odin is often called "Wotan", an old Germanic version of his name, and refers to the SubGenius deity known as JHVH-1, the God of Wrath. A vengeful and spiteful powerful alien Rebel God from some dark "Corporate Dimension". That's just another example of the versitility of such an important mythic figure that even through the filter of a "religion" like the SubGenius faith, the particular qualities that make up Odin/Wotan/JHVH-1 still make sense in context to the backdrop he's in.

About 5 months ago I purchased a medallion of Odin off of Amazon and I've been wearing it ever since. I like medallions and pendants, but I usually rotate the ones I wear to accommodate how I'm feeling. Odin has been with me nonstop since before summer started, and I don't think I understand why I decided to start wearing this particular medallion all the time. Because of my fascination I suppose I grew fond of this wandering god, and within my own mind-scape I've tried to emulate him in my own fashion.

There are points in my life that I follow different deities and figments in hopes that I can learn from them. Hotei, the fat "Laughing Buddha" was my gateway into the more profound Buddhist teachings. Billiken the imp-like "God of Things-As-They-Ought-To-Be" really helped to remind me of my goals and the dreams I had as a young man. So, although I don't actively worship any deities, I still find them to be important influences and factors in my life, even if their time in my mind lasts only a short while. Funny side note about Billiken; he's an American deity dreamt up by a toy designer, but he is still quite popular in Japan. 

What I feel this is really is my mind shifting through the realities of my own perception. It could be that I'm rebelling against reality much like JHVH-1 rebels against the Elder Gods, or maybe I seek wisdom through sacrifice much like Odin. However you want to slice it, I think I'm due for an adventure down a new reality tunnel. The old ways are just too out of style for a guy like me, just trying to make it through the day without losing his marbles. Maybe if I figure out what I want to see, I can shift my minds frequency in that general direction.

This whole situation with my cat Luna has me feeling illuminated. I learned something truly and deeply profound about the mystery of being and existence through her death. It's a shame I had to acquire this knowledge through her sacrifice but at least it wasn't a needless one. Luna gained her true freedom of self, and I have learned a bit more about the un-self. The mystery lurking behind the curtain of the stage of life. Staring into the abyss, the void of non-existence, isn't all that scary after all as it turns out. If fact it may very well be liberating, so long if you have the right frame of mind.

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