Sunday, November 5, 2017

A quick pit-stop to Toy Tokyo in Lower Manhattan

I was in the neighborhood where I grew up in and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Toy Tokyo looked like it was closed up. Thankfully, they just seem to have an exhibition going on. I didn't have a chance to really look around the gallery in the basement that has temporarily replaced the Funko Pop store they usually have there, but I did look around the main floor. 

I was seriously tempted to get this Dragon Ball GT Red Shenron set. I love DBGT more than the normal fan does. I may still swing by and pick it up. I'd love to display that Shenron on my figure altar. 

I found what seemed to be a Burgy plush (Burgy being a character from the Game Grumps YouTube show).

I also stumbled upon this Hellraiser III puzzle box done in the style of a Rubix Cube. Definitely a neat novelty.

I didn't end up with anything, but I might swing back for that Shenron.

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