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Thursday, November 16, 2017


The SubGenius Kickstarter brought about many miracles and strange occurrences. One of the more profound instances was when I made a psychic and Twitter connection with the Holy Order of the Sasquatch. Even before I knew what they were about, I knew exactly what they were about. It's as though St. Bigfoot himself stomped on my heart chakra. Truly, this was a holy moment. 

After making contact with the heads of the Holy Order, and introducing myself properly, I purchased a kit which contained the many essentials of Knighthood within the Holy Order. I gained a card which confers my ordainment and rank of Knight, the first two Epistles, stickers, and a sweet patch. Great stuff with beautiful artwork to really convey the core center of what the Holy Order stands for. I highly recommend joining this esteemed and righteous Order so you can see for yourself what you've always thought you've seen. 

It's like what good ol' J.R. "Bob" Dobbs always said; "You'll pay to know what you really think!"; I'm sure "Bob", Eris, Cthulhu, and St. Bigfoot are pals who exist together in the void of some strange nightmare realm, where all the cryptids dwell, feasting upon dying stars. They probably play poker together too. 

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