Wednesday, November 15, 2017

David Liebe Hart "Space Train" feat. Tennessee Luke; a beautiful explosion of color and expression

Salame! Any day there's a new DLH music video is a happy day for this happy space cadet. Although not mentioned in an sort of guideline, handbook, or doctrine, I feel that it is the sworn and solemn duty of any card carrying member of the David Liebe Hart Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism & Fun Times League to watch any new music videos on the day they first premiere.To do otherwise would be un-American and probably insult any fans of DLH who reside on Star Korendor (a world DLH has extrasensory communications with). The last thing we need is a conflict between Earth DLH Leaguers and Korendian DLH Leaguers; that's just what the Omegans would want!

This new music video was released yesterday around the time I was having lunch so it was nice to have a moment to really enjoy it moments after the release. I believe I was the first viewer, but I didn't jump into the comments section to type "first!" like some sort of idiot. I remember seeing on Twitter a few days ago that they planned releasing the  "Space Train" video this week but it actually slipped my mind, so it ended up being a surprise to me anyway. In "Space Train" we also see a collaboration with Tennessee Luke, another amazing performer and singer I was first introduced to recently with his music video "Play Detective", from his album of the same name. I had meant to mention his music video the day it premiered but it somehow slipped my mind. It's a great song with a equally as great video that had a surprise ending I didn't expect. The entire "Play Detective" album was a nice surprise to receive in my Bandcamp via my membership to the David Liebe Hart Anti-Terrorism & Fun Times League. It just appeared one day. What a joy!

"Space Train" is pretty ambitious. It combines classic 8-bit style animation with more modern 3-D animation, and it combines the musical talents of two different singers who are able to maintain their own unique styles in one song. I'm not a music critic or anything, but as an observant fan I couldn't help but appreciate how these two parts came together to make "Space Train" a wholly unique experience.

Sebby and Teddy (the producers, directors, animators, etc.) did a really excellent job constructing this video. There seems to be at least two different stories from what I could gather; DLH's reminisces about his  abduction and ascent to the space train, and his adventures traveling through advanced alien civilizations with his friend Tennessee Luke. Meanwhile, DLH's puppet friends represent the confusion and danger that his adventures actually have, with the cat and bear taking the place of DLH and Tennessee Luke.

At least, that's what I got out of it. It's like any work of art; abstract and complex, leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

I'm really looking forward to the next DLH Industries release. The whole team puts together such interesting stuff. Today was actually a pretty difficult day for me because of my schedule, and I was really starting to feel worn out. "Space Train" really cheered me up. 

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