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Sunday, November 12, 2017

I don't think I'm cut out for formal academia

I'm really chugging along just trying to get by with my studies, and it's starting to occur to me that I'm not enjoying myself all too much. I may have mentioned this previously, but I feel really confined in my studies. My professors are all very nice individuals, but I can't say I'm really enjoying every course as much as I would have hoped. I feel like I'm forced to be there to fulfill some sort of obligation to someone other than myself. I'm not too far from attaining my BA so I'm sticking with it so I can move on with my life, but, I really wish I didn't feel so worn out.

That's really it I think; I feel worn out, old, tired, and fed up with it all. It feels like the entirety of my being is permanently fixed to academia and schoolwork. It's sometimes a really liberating feeling, but recently it's been a real drag. Old musty, dusty systems of education just bogging down my thoughts. Sometimes there are nuggets of wisdom, instances of interest, but usually it's just busywork. 

Well that's enough complaining on the internet for one night; back to work. Gotta study for a logic exam I'll be having tomorrow. 

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