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Sunday, November 12, 2017

I finally received my official fan club card for the DLH Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism & Fun Times League!

Now this is a nice thing to have. The good folks over at DLH Industries (namely a very patient man by the name of Jonah) sent me this fan club card so that I could proudly proclaim myself as a member of an elite League of fans of David Liebe Hart. It even has DLH's actual autograph on the back as an added bonus.

Something I wasn't expecting was a cool sticker based on the cover art for DLH's album "Go into the Light". I decided to add it to my laptop so it can be a part of the "wall of stickers". I had to stick it on sideways, but I think it looks rather cool no matter which way it faces. My camera had a tough time taking a picture of it, but you can get the idea.

If you'd like to join the DLH Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism & Fun Times League, please click on either image below for more information. You will receive unlimited access to DLH's albums on Bandcamp, discounts on his merchandise, the official fan club card, and a download of DLH's Acting Master Class video. You get all of that, and the opportunity to support a fantastic artist. It basically pays for itself. 

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