Monday, November 13, 2017

Little monsters & plastic dinosaurs: my thinking space

I'm a messy guy, I can admit that. In fact I'm almost proud of it. Sometimes I'm so messy the mess itself becomes habitable. Case in point, I have unconsciously arranged these figures around my keyboard. I didn't mean for this to happen this way, it just sort of did. I'm not even sure why these toys aren't in a box or shelf somewhere. I guess they just make me happy whenever I am stuck working in front of the computer. 

 This blue dinosaur is a recent addition. You can't go wrong with a cheap China made toy dinosaur. They're as basic and wholesome as little green toy soldiers. This guy was a gift from my girlfriend from out local dollar shop. I really dig his paint job. The big red eyes really pop against his blue and beige skin. And you gotta love that giant red fin. 

Hidden away in this green container is a Kraang "Smash'em" toy. He's great, but he'll definitely fall apart and crumble someday. This sort of rubber/latex toy just doesn't have any lasting power. In the meantime though, he'll just live in his little plastic container. 

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