Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mutate towards heaven

GPK Chakra System

Now, most mystics, occultists, and some traditional religionists believe in some sort of energy system that eminates and empowers the human body. The usual nomenclature for this energy system is called the "chakra" or "prana" energy system. Of course there are hundreds of names for the energy itself, but chakra and prana are the ones I come across the most often. Now, there isn't really a true standard way to really imagine it, everyone has their interpretation, but everyone agrees on the importance of breathing and it's connection to the chakras, and how energy is raised up through the base of the spine, which is referred to as the "kundalini".

With a healthy energy system, a person would feel strong, energetic, happy, and be generally progressive in their actions. That's what the experts in this sort of field of study say anyway, but I'm generally skeptical. I don't believe anyone's energy system is ever at 100% health. That would indicate to me that there's only one standard for a person to live, or one way of measuring health. My belief is we're constantly mutating. Health, or health as we know it to be, might be an illusion. We *need* to get sick to get stronger, and to revitalize our bodies to the next level (whatever that means anyway). Trying to fight off sickness by being healthy all the time might be the wrong way to maintain good health. The immune system needs to be challenged and worked out like our muscles. 

I'm also convinced this also coincides with our personalities, ambitions, and how we relate to others. I wonder though; present day people (adults and children) don't play outside as much as they used to. When I was a kid I remember running around in the rain, playing in the mud, etc., and I feel like I greatly benefited from it. People these days feel a bit more persnickety and unwilling to get dirty. I wonder how that sort of temperament will affect future generations. 

Now as my mutation continues, and change is eminent, I can't help but wonder how my DNA is being affected by the insurmountable amount of stress I'm going through. Like, what sort of information is being absorbed into them by recent events. The recent sickness of my cat really has my mind wandering in a dark place, but also my worries about my classes and having to push back my graduation date. 

On one hand, none of that matters. Poor Luna will pass on, but will do so peacefully rather than suffering, and who really cares when I graduate honestly, just so long as I do. It's not like there are a million jobs waiting for a guy majoring in Philosophy (with a minor in Religious Studies) so  I may as well take my time. 

As a whole, I'm happy. I always am these days. I may not be doing great, but at least I'm doing something. Some stuff is falling apart, but other stuff is coming together. And though things are kinda dark now, I can see the light in the distance coming my way.

So why worry? Worrying is a terrible use of imagination, but it may help with metacognition and problem-solving, so maybe a little worrying is healthy.

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