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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rest in Peace, Dark Universe, we hardly knew ye

So apparently the Universal Studios "Dark Universe" cinematic connected universe is a bust. I'm kind of bummed about it; I was really digging the idea of an action adventure version of all the classic monsters. I enjoyed "Dracula Untold", "Van Helsing", and the recent remake of "The Mummy" (though that's mostly because of Sofia Boutella as Princess Ahmanet). 

It could be because I'm a fan of b-movies, but I really have grown out of hating films. It's just a worthless use of emotion. You don't have to love or like every movie; it is possible to just turn off your brain and enjoy the experience as it is, or certain elements. Not every movie is a classic, and even if the new Mummy was a smash hit it'd never live up to the original. 

Looking back on what was presented in "The Mummy", I kind of feel like they should have just made it about the secret organization Prodigium and expand from there. Show off all the monsters, one escapes, etc., and maybe end with a full monster mash. If we'd have more monsters, maybe Dark Universe would have stood a greater chance. 

At the very least, we still have the beauty of Princess Ahmanet to haunt our dreams. May she live on in potential merchandise and spin-offs. 

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