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Friday, November 24, 2017

"Slack Friday" & Black Friday! Slack off and spend money!!!

Black Friday is here. Now, instead of being destroyed by huge crowds at some megastore, why not stay at home and slack off by checking out the new "SubGenius Movie" website, or shop for some Official David Liebe Hart goodies at his official website.

""Bob" isn't celebrating Black Friday, he's celebrating SLACK FRIDAY! You should too! Why fight through vicious crowds when you can relax in your own home and check out our film's website? >>> http://subgeniusmovie.com " - via Twitter

And don't forget to get ordained today at SubGenius.com

"Major sale happening now at A r t B y L i e b e H a r t . c o m.  Order DLH-signed greeting cards, shirts, custom art, mugs, etc. by Sunday for Xmas delivery." - via Twitter

And don't forget to join the DLH Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism & Fun Times League!

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