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Friday, December 8, 2017

A seasonal gimmick: Xanta Klaus

Now that X-mas is near, I guess I should try and make this blog feel a bit more festive. The late and great Balls Mahoney of ECW fame wrestled very briefly in the WWE (then the WWF) as the evil twin brother of Santa Claus in the early 1990's. Hailing from the South Pole, Xanta Klaus has a short feud with Savio Vega. 

When I was a kid I was pretty convinced that Xanta Klaus was proof that Santa was real. I'm not entirely sure how the logic worked out on my young brain, but it seemed to add up. This is also around the time I still thought pro-wrestlers were really and truly competing with each other in the ring. I was convinced it was all 100% real. I'm still really into the idea of an evil Santa Claus, so of course I love all the X-mas themed horror movies, so I'm still kind of into the idea of a wrestling evil Santa. 

Xanta was described as a immoral version of Santa who stole presents instead of giving them, and he often cheated in the few matches he had. His finisher was the "Camel Clutch" but I'm unsure if he renamed him the "Kringle Klutch" or something silly like that. After rewatching some of these old matches I was reminded of how great Balls Mahoney really was in the ring, especially for a big guy. 

Seasonal gimmicks are a strange and beautiful thing in pro-wrestling. They allow for something weird but festive. I'm not sure what Balls Mahoney thought about this stint. It was his first big job as far as I know, and it was his first exposure to a nationwide/global audience. It was huge stepping stone for him, even if it did last only for a while. 

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