Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bigfoot (Yetinsyny)

I found myself researching all things related to the yeti as they are an important part of not only Cryptozoology, but of the SubGenius mythos, as well as being the figure head in The Holy Order of the Sasquatch. Saint Bigfoot supports all ideas and concepts behind the yeti and other cryptids I'm sure, so none can be truly wrong, but it's still fun reading and looking into all the defining ideas that surround this global idea of what a yeti could be. Really interesting and unorthodox theories abound, especially the Forbidden Science of Zermatism, which was formulated by the astounding artist and fringe researcher Stanislav Szukalski

I grew up believing in yeti, then the Conspiracy convinced me that they didn't exist, but now I'm once again a believer. I'm not sure how, or where, but yeti must exist somewhere in the world. One of my favorite fringe theories is that the yeti are an interdimensional tribal society, which is made popular by the folks over at Sasquatch People. The idea of peaceful yeti folk just phasing in and out of our reality is both really sweet and downright idiotic, and I adore it. If I remember correctly this might also be the case in the Happy Science religion of Japan. The folks over at Happy Science also believe that yeti might be a type of reptilian, but I'm not sure about that one. Reptiles aren't normally known for their fur. 

But what do I believe; if I'm honest I'm not sure. If pure yeti are still trotting the world, hiding from us, then I guess they must find us pretty repugnant. I can't say I blame them for thinking that. Maybe they migrated into the caves that lead into the Hollow Earth, where they live in paradise while we toil away, working our whole lives for a whole lot of nothing. 

 Szukalski believed the yeti were the greatest monsters in the world, and through their kin, caused an immeasurable amount of damage through war. In recent years his concepts were replaced by the reptilian conspiracies that run amok online in chat-rooms and forums. Maybe because reptilians already look somewhat sinister when compared to a yeti? Who knows. It might just be a subconscious connection to the snake in the Garden of Eden as being the source for evil, blah blah blah. 

Below are some fun images I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure if I prefer a peaceful yeti or a monstrous one, but I'm sure all kinds of yeti types are possible.

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