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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Conrad Brooks, the last of the Ed Woodsmen, has gone up with the saucers

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" is one of the films I hold dearest to my heart. I first discovered it at the old Tower Video movie rental shop that used to exist on Lafayette in Lower Manhattan in their amazing "Midnight Movies" section. I had heard of it prior to my renting of it, but its legend intimidated me. As though it were otherworldly and was transmitted from some far off dimension. There is still that sort of feeling inpinged to it, at least for me, but the myth and legend behind it were soon faded away after my first viewing of it. It really is the b-movie equivalent to "The Day the Earth Stood Still", but it has its own charisma and charm to it that few films have.

The uniqueness of an Ed Wood film comes in the particulars, the small bits of detail and lack-of-detail that brings the whole project together. Wood's films were often populated by friends and other offbeat Hollywood actors. Ed Wood has the luck of surrounding himself with a great number of people who supported his dreams and who were great friends. Conrad Brooks was one of those great friends to Ed Wood, and for years he was the last of that group of amazing offbeat actors.

Conrad Brooks has passed away yesterday. He played Patrolman Jaime in the Ed Wood classic. As far as we all know and can tell he was the last of all of those who were associated with the Ed Wood films. A sad but triumphant day. Sad because Conrad has left his fans, but triumphant because he joins the rest of his colleagues in the beautiful vistas of b-movie Valhalla in another dimension. The star that holds all of those who participated in "Plan 9 from Outer Space" shines brighter because one of the components that helped bring it together has rejoined the fold.

Rest easy Mr. Conrad Brooks, and thank you.

Below we see Conrad Brooks alongside Troma CEO, Lloyd Kaufman, as they are overshadowed by the amazing Mister Lobo. Mister Lobo has also left a beautiful and touching message on Facebook for his dear departed friend;

"Ah, Greetings my friends! We are gathered here to celebrate the life of Mr. CONRAD BROOKS who has recently left us for OUTER SPACE - Last of the EDWOODSMEN! He was extremely generous with his time and a tireless promoter of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and B-Films in general. We did an in-depth interview at THE B-MOVIE CELEBRATION and a panel, where I first met CONRAD and LLOYD KAUFMAN as seen in the Picture!  
You can see samples of that interview in the 2008 CINEMA INSOMNIA episode featuring PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE with HARDWARE WARS. "CONNIE" talked about the important difference between making a movie for a studio and making a movie for your friends.  
As "CRISWELL" I was on set the day CONRAD reprised his role in the new PLAN 9 film that would not have happened without him! I enjoyed many phone conversations and we commiserated at conventions and public appearances. He was a bit of a con-man and could rub people the wrong way...but I always loved and respected him. 
Goodnight my dear friend...and may Ed Wood help us in the future! For that is where the rest of us will spend the rest of our lives!" - Mister Lobo

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