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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DJ Nurse Annabella announces "Hikikomori Nation ひきこもり国 Issue #1" Premiering January 2018, Lava Lamp Comix

Isabella Acuna, also know as "DJ Nurse Annabella", is an accomplished radio show host, DJ, artist, interviewer, nostalgia archivist, and voice for creativity. As a host, she has lead "Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre" through several incarnations and broadcasting venues. I've been following her work for sometime now, and I really enjoy her tastes in music and culture. 

Acuna has announced just moments ago that she will be releasing the first issue of her new independently made comic through her new label Lava Lamp Comix. Although the exact details of the comic are still under-wraps until its premiere, the title ("Hikikomori Nation ひきこもり国") suggests it might have something to do with "hikikomori" syndrome and subculture which is a popular trope in Japanese culture. Hihikomori is an anti-social disorder with varying degrees of severity. Sometimes there some deeper rooted problem in a person, sometimes a person just chooses to avoid others due to anxieties. 

Below is the YouTube ad for "Hikikomori Nation ひきこもり国" #1.

"This is a promo for my debut comic release ひきこもり国 Issue #1 published by my independent label Lava Lamps Comix! Animated sequences from actual panels and the cover art from the comic done by myself. Music by Sheavy. Links to where you can by my comic will be available here soon." - DJ Nurse Annabella
I really enjoy Acuna's pencil work and overall style. Definitely reminds me of a lot of the independent "Ameri-manga" comics I read in my high school years like "Ninja High School" from Antarctic Press. The kind of stories you'd see in any of the amazing anthology comic series or "zines" that showcased new and interesting artwork from many professional and amateur comic arts from all around the anime and manga fandom. 

Below is a sample of the "behind-the-scenes" adventures of DJ Nurse Annabelle from the "Lava Lamp & 8-Track Theatre" webcomic. Another fun example of Acuna's aesthetics as she uses bright vivid colors, cropped imagery from movies and so-on, and and a wild sense of humor and style. Notice how she's threatning the robot (who I believe is from the film "Chopping Mall") with a Zapper pistol from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 

Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre - Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre - Page 4, Issue 1

One important bit of trivia when it comes to Acuna's comics is that she was one of the first to portray drug use (weed, acid, etc.) in her manga. Most other Ameri-manga artists never took it that far and left it all rather fanciful and cliche. And even most important manga and anime was censored heavily in the United States back in the day.

I look forward to supporting this new comic venture, and learning what the comic will be about. Below are some experts from the DJ Annabella YouTube Channel.

Kathy Coleman Radio Interview - Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre

Dr. Hal speaking about Church of the SubGenius documentary, Robert Crumb, etc...


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