Sunday, December 17, 2017

I ate brains, blood, and other assorted innards and meats

So to continue the Xmas season celebration, a bunch of friends and I went to a Chinese "hot pot buffet" in Flushing, Queens. It was pretty spectacular. Somehow the guys sat a separate table from the girls, and so our table was nothing but meat while the girls had fish and veggies. 

The meats then. Well, the variety of meats offered was seemingly endless and all my favorites were available. I think I ate two whole brains, boiled to perfection in the herbal broth I ordered. The blood was delicious as well, and the tripe as always was spectacular. 

I was concerned about my blood pressure so I made sure to drink a gallon of water during the meal, and as soon as I got home I consumed a fist full of aspirin. I woke up feeling fine thank goodness. 

Another part of our gathering was a White Elephant gift exchange, which was pretty funny. I ended up with the DVD/Blu-Ray of the shit storm of "The Last Airbender" (2010). Without question this is the worst film in my collection, and I almost exclusively collect terrible films. This is also one of the few Blu-Rays I actually own. Odds are I'll never watch this unless I need it for reference or something. What garbage. 

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