Monday, December 18, 2017

I should be working on my finals, but I wanna talk about "New Zoo Revue" instead...

So yesterday while I was ruminating about the thesis for my final paper in my Ancient Philosophy course, I was notified about a recent post over at the Zontar of Venus blog. This post was about one of my favorite childhood shows, "The New Zoo Revue". This show was your basic'70's kid show with songs, dance, scary puppets, and likable characters. The show was on when I was very young (in reruns), and returned again the mid to late '90's when I was in high school on WLNY-55. My first year of high school was so difficult for me I ended up cutting school for about a month (because seriously, fuck high school) so I stayed at home while my mom was at work and watched MTV, played video games, and watched "New Zoo Revue". Needless to say, I learned more my first year of high school from this kids show than I ever did while in class. I have no regrets. 

At some point, "New Zoo Revue" became infamous for a "blooper reel" that was found and made public of the characters cursing at each other.

And I guess there's some lasting appeal because it seems there was an attempt to reboot this series in some fashion, but like the recent "Banana Splits" reboot, I feel like "New Zoo Revue" is better left in the decade where it was first created.

It may not be as beloved as "The Muppets", but I think "New Zoo Revue" is still well regarded by those who remember it. A simple show for a simpler time. 

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