Friday, December 22, 2017

I'm turning into such an old, grumpy nerd so it's time to cheer up with obscure movies!

I've been watching a lot of high-concept 1980's retro-futuristic special effects films lately. All of them deal with family dynamics, dystopian futures, some sort of radiation, and more importantly a monster or two. They're all different even if they touch upon some of the same themes. 

I've been watching these flicks because I'm building a Movie List page of recommended movies that should be watched, in my opinion, by anyone who decides to waste time reading this blog. There's a particular aesthetic feel to these movies that I feel best represents my overall personality. And beyond that, and more importantly, these movies are fun and should be appreciated. 

Although I do enjoy and bask in the current movie landscape and how it caters to old nerds like and my friends, I can't help but feel like a lot of the stuff being marketed in pop culture sort of ruins the fun of pop culture itself. My knee jerk reaction to all this attention the stuff I love is getting is burying myself in more obscure stuff that I love, but that hardly anyone has taken notice to (yet). 

It's strange how we're in a world now where the things I used to get picked on for enjoying are now so popular and marketed that it all feels somewhat tiresome and even exploitative. I mean it's junk food culture, don't get me wrong, but the rampant consumerism around it is like piranhas swarming around a bovine. 

I dunno, maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but doesn't it feel weird that everything that's big and popular now in the mainstream is what was popular in the substream thirty years ago? It's amazing seeing all these Marvel and DC movies being made, some of which have really deep cuts in terms of characters and story elements, but where's the creativity? 

I'm sure I'm missing out on the new classics as we speak. I still haven't seen "Pacific Rim" (or even The Asylum version "Atlantic Rim"), or the recent soon to be cult hit "The Shape of Water", but that may be because I'm somewhat tired of giant budgeted movies. In some cases I feel like I should just be watching a cartoon because there's so much CGI on screen. 

I miss small, modestly budgeted films, where creators made amazing work out of necessity. I also miss modestly-lengthed films. I'm not sure how many more 3hr epics I can sit through. Is it too much to ask that a summer blockbuster clock in around 1hr and 25min? 

Anyway, I don't mean to ramble, here's what I've been watching lately;

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