Monday, December 11, 2017

It's tough living in a place everyone wants to blow up

While I am well aware that acts of terrorism are more prevalent and common in other parts of the world, I can't help but feel a little weary of all the violence targeted to my hometown of New York City. I'm relieved to find out when some nefarious asshole was thwarted before things their plan could be successful, but sometimes there is a spontaneous act of villainy that is both offensive and terrifying.

A few weeks ago we had shots fired in Lower Manhattan by some jerk associated with ISIS. Some disgruntled Home Depot employee who took orders from the internet by watching ISIS recruitment videos. Today some idiot from the Bangladesh strapped a homemade bomb to his torso and tried to blow up the Port Authority near Times Square.

"(CNN) A man wearing a homemade pipe bomb detonated his explosive in a walkway at the Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square on Monday, injuring three people and causing chaos in one of the busiest commuter hubs in the city, officials said. 
Authorities called the explosion in the terminal at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue an "attempted terrorist attack" and police identified the suspect as Akayed Ullah, 27. They said the attack appears to be isolated. 
Ullah was hurt and is in custody, authorities said."

This idiot only ended up hurting himself severely while only inflicting minor injuries on the people around him. I'm eternally grateful this man was a simpering moron. We've had a number of close calls since 9/11, and only one successful attack since. In a perfect world the bad guys could be beaten up and captured like they are in the comics, but sadly in this poor excuse of a reality we have to deal with all the nonsense that exists around us and try our best to dish out some sort of facsimile of justice. 

I'm not sure what this wannabe-suicide bomber was trying to accomplish, or what point he was trying to make. Maybe he was just trying to hurt people, maybe his personal life sucks so he tried to end it all and take a few people out with him, or maybe he's a brainwashed lackey for some two-bit terrorist organization. I'm sure the Feds will sort all that out in the coming weeks.

Whatever the case may be though it can't be emphasized enough; this guy was a fucking idiot. 


  1. I literally said, "I wish people would stop trying to blow up New York." to my boss this morning as I read the news. Naturally I thought of you first. I'm glad everyone escaped this unharmed and I'm thankful this one was too stupid to cause any substantial destruction.

    1. Yeah he didn't manage to accomplish much. He just delayed the trains by 40 minutes, which is pretty common during rush hour anyway. He also blew off his junk with the explosion, so that's a plus.