Monday, December 4, 2017

Jack T. Chick Fan Club!?

Just a quick post before I go to bed. I found this earlier but it still blows my mind; the "Jack T. Chick Fan Club"!!! We've all seen those awesomely drawn little super religious comics by the late Jack T. Chick. They're a staple of many collectors of weird comics, both for sincere fans or fans who collect this sort of thing ironically. Some wonderful person put together a nice kit for serious Chick fans, and although I'm not a hardcore fan, I plan on buying one! (look at all the cool stuff offered; click the picture for ordering information)

If you're truly unfamiliar, check out the JonTron video below. He does a pretty great breakdown of what I think the only movie officially based off of one of these comics. 

I remember being somewhat saddened by Chick's passing. I find his views altogether disgusting, but I respected his artistic ability. There was something beautifully classic about his art style and I doubt we'll see anything like his comics ever again from any religious institution. 

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