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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My reflection on "Basket Case 3: The Progeny"

The "Basket Case" trilogy has got to be one of the strangest and unexpected trilogies of all time. The original "Basket Case" is a moody, strange and surreal horror thriller, and truly original. The subsequent "Basket Case 2" and "Basket Case 3" are basically re-imaginings of the original with a lighter tone and almost cartoon-like in presentation; lots of bright shots, very few nighttime shots, etc., and that doesn't include the contribution to the tone that Granny Ruth's congregation of "Unique Individuals" bring to the movie.

The Unique Individuals are human beings who were persecuted, tortured, and treated poorly all because they look odd. They're portrayed as loving and generally sweet people in these sequels, even though they help Granny Ruth with often illegal activities. And for the most part, the make-up and costume designs for the Unique Individual's are great. Having them around Belial, who is a little murder-ball with arms and fangs is really funny. Belial may very well be the angriest character in any film in history. 

So this third installment in the trilogy is about Belial becoming a father as his girlfriend Eve gives birth to a bakers dozen of babies (who all look identical to him). After some nosy local cops go to investigate the house where Belial and his brother are staying, they kill Eve and kidnap his kin. 

Belial is maybe at his most violent in this movie, and it's great. We don't know much about him as a character, since he speaks in just grunts, but after seeing Eve dead we actually see him take action. Belial is all about revenge, ever since the original "Basket Case" so this film isn't thematically different at all in that sense, but ultimately I'm not sure if he even cares about his offspring, or just about the death of Eve. 

I think I may actually care more for his kids than he does now that I think about it. I remember being shocked when one of his children is accidentally killed, and Belial's brother Duane witnesses it, but neither brother seems to really care. Granny Ruth, the leader of the Unique Individuals sees the babies remains and barely reacts. 

Between the two sequels, I think I prefer this one; it's just so over the top. So many big reactions, and cartoon-like violence. And I love the ending, how Unique Individuals will no longer remain in the shadows and have decided to invade normal society.

I would've maybe liked one more film in this series that ends with a more Duane and Belial focused ending, but the promise of the end of normal society is a high note in itself.

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