Saturday, December 2, 2017

My reflection on "Fungicide" (2002)

"Fungicide" is the movie I needed in my life and I never knew it. A Troubled Moon film production, I purchased the special edition DVD from their official website sometime over the summer but because life became so hectic I didn't have the time to sit down and watch it. I believe "Fungicide" can also be watched on Amazon Prime. 

"Fungicide" takes place in a small bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Our characters are a new ager with psychic abilities who owns the house, a pro-wrestler with chronic spontaneous human combustion syndrome (he takes pills so he doesn't blow up), a pushy real estate agent and land developer, a soldier who is competing in a reality television show, and a mad scientist who is truly, truly mad. Silus Purcell, the mad scientist, is almost always cackling and laughing to himself. It's so annoying it's funny.

There is some gore in this movie, not a lot, but it's not about the gore. It's about the moments that frame themselves around the gore. Once you see some of these scenes, you'll understand what I mean. "Fungicide" doesn't need blood and guts to be memorable, it's full of charm and charisma that some big budget Hollywood movies only wish they could achieve. 

There's not too much to say about the plot; Silus Purcell accidentally creates a race of living and murderous mushroom monster-people and it's up to everyone at the bed & breakfast to save the world. I originally wanted to compare this movie to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", but it feels closer to "The Killer Shrews". This movie is about two things; the character interactions (there are some truly funny moments), and the amazing special effects (boy are they ever amazing). 

The folks over at Troubled Moon combined traditional costumes for the monsters but also employed state-of-the-art cutting edge CGI for a lot of the shots to create a truly one of a kind experience. "Birdemic" wishes it could be this movie. Some of the CGI effects reminds me of the work that was done in some of Ted V. Mikel's later work like "Demon Haunt". 

It takes a bit of time to get to the full onslaught of mushrooms, but when we finally get there it's an absolute blast. Even the passive and earth-loving new ager Jade Moon joins in the fight against the mushroom menace! What I love about the fight the most is how the CGI mushrooms explode into a jagged pieces of pixels like how you would see in an old video game. Part of me wishes this was a video game! 

I feel like I have to send a loving shout-out to the beautiful Mary Wascavage, who plays the psychic hippie new ager Jade Moon. She really kept the whole film together. I can't really place why or how but she is without a doubt the linchpin to the whole movie. She won my heart. 

I really can't recommend this film enough, it's so much fun. Troubled Moon has a great catalog of films I plan on collecting. There's even a "Fungicide" card game! What more could you want! 

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