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Thursday, December 14, 2017

My reflection on "Lunopolis" (2009)

I'll never be certain why I don't hear people talk about this film more often. Usually I'm the one who brings it up. A fairly recent film from 2009, "Lunopolis" is a found-footage documentary film about two guys and their crew of investigators trying to figure out the mysteries behind a conspiracy theory that covers everything from religious cults, UFO's, government cover-ups and other occult and esoteric topics. This flick is kind of amazing and after a while you forget you're watching a narrative and feel like you're really watching a documentary.

There's a huge focus of the film on a religious organization called the Church of Lunology, a pretty obvious allusion to the Church of Scientology. This religious organization believes in a bunch of wild stuff and have a military like presence throughout the film. The church members follow the teachings of a man named J. Ari Hilliard, who may or may not have actually existed and is said to have founded the church several years before he was even born!

The Church of Lunology is chasing after the two lead filmmakers because they have stumbled upon something they were not supposed to, and through dumb luck they may end up changing the course of the entire world because of it. It's really fascinating, especially since the movie creates a mythos and lore that really draws you in. 

For a bit, the lore behind the Church of Lunology takes over the film to really flesh out the world the characters live in. What's funny about that is that because the film essentially takes place in at least two different timelines, we see two different versions of the Church of Lunology; one that is unknown to the two filmmakers, and one that has been studied by experts and scholars. It's the small details like that really make watching "Lunopolis" feel more like an experience than just a movie. 

I'm really doing my best to keep most of the important plot elements a secret from anyone who hasn't had a chance to see this movie yet. All I can really say is if you really enjoy fringe and offbeat crazy scifi or conspiracy theories then you have to at least give "Lunopolis" a shot. You won't regret it!

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