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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Recipe & Reflection: Campbell's "Tuna 'n' Waffles"

I'm not the worst cook in the world. I can make some pretty basic stuff, but I find it difficult to set aside some time to really cook. So I decided to try some quick and easy old timey recipes and see if they'd be any good. 

My first venture into this strange new world of flavor comes from an old Campbell's advertisement recipe called "Tuna 'n' Waffles". It's a pretty straight forward process of combining the ingredients and warming them up together. Prep and cook time didn't take more than 10 minutes together. 

I tried to stick to the recipe as it was, but with one exception; I HATE OLIVES. They're disgusting. So I substituted the olives for some raisins. I didn't add any seasonings, but it definitely needed a bit of spice to it. Maybe some salt and pepper, and a dash of hot sauce (because I put hot sauce in nearly everything I cook).

I actually really liked this, but because I don't have a waffle-maker I ended up using Eggo brand toaster waffles, and I'm sure this recipe would taste at least 100% better with real homemade waffles. The tuna mushroom sauce itself would take great over rice, so I may have that for dinner later after. I actually wouldn't mind having this every once in a while, but not with the waffles unless I at some point buy a waffle-maker (but that honestly sounds like too much work). I'm going to experiment with the seasoning as well to give it more of a kick. Although good, it is rather bland. It needs just a bit more zing. 

So yeah, tuna and waffles! Who knew!

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