Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ritual cleansing

Not much to say for my Saturday. I spent the day with my mom cleaning her apartment and cleansing it of any negative energy left behind by the ordeal with Luna and her passing. We threw away certain toys, like her worn out scratching post, and her cat grass, while packing away other keepsakes for memory. 

Sometime back when I started reading all this arcane and occult stuff I became quite fascinated with the idea of burning sage to "clean the energy" of a location. From what I understood, a number of different cultures used sage burning to clear away any vulgar or evil spirits from a location. Funny enough, I found out much later that burning sage does indeed burn away bacteria in the air that contribute to mold and foul odor. Either way, mom asked me to go to the local occult shop, Enchantments, and pick up some sage. 

I don't pray while doing this sort of ritual, at least not in the traditional sense. The "Principia Discordia" tells us that praying is a rather dangerous activity to take part in, and if the fundamentalist religionists of the world have taught us anything that's a very true thing. So rather than praying to a god, deity, or even to or for Luna, I just let my mind wander to the good ol' days as I walked around the apartment with the burning sage. 

Knowing full well I can never replicate any of those experiences or moments, I take them into my heart (where they were anyway), and with my mind I allow myself to let go of the bad stuff. The sour thoughts from the recent past especially. 

It's all over and it's time to accept this new reality. 

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