Friday, December 1, 2017

Strange new realm

What sort of things go on through the mind while we sleep really. What are these abstract images we see? Why do we remember them as blurred and and almost out of phase with our waking life. Hell if I know, but I remember reading sometime back that some neuro-scientists believe that our dreams should count as another dimension in of themselves because we spend so much of our time within them during our lives.

I guess since sleep is our natural step into meditation, dreams could be our easy access into another world. Freud really emphasized dream analysis, and many starry-eyed new agers believe our dreams can lead us to absolute truths about ourselves. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but I do believe we can attain a special kind of wisdom from our dreams. I'll even go so far to believe that we can advance our metacognition and receive premonitions. Whatever we extract from our dreams though, that's probably just left to our ability to understand art. All dreams are art, at least to me, and you could analyze any dream for an eternity before understanding the mystery behind the dream. I'm just speaking in broad strokes though; our sad reality often penetrates the influence on our cognition of our dreams. We really should try harder as a global community to ignore reality and follow our dreams better. 

I'm still trying to understand why my mind feels so fuzzy. Everything really does feel different ever since Luna made her transition. Maybe in her way, she was a relic to a former self. One last component to a version of me that no longer exists. 

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