Saturday, December 23, 2017

The new animated Godzilla is freaking HUGE

The new animated Godzilla movie looks fun, but holy shit isn't his design a little out of control? He's the size of an island! Look how he just dwarfs all other previous Godzilla's! I feel it might be too much.

I'll probably give it a shot eventually, after it comes out of course, but I'm not expecting too much of it. I think I prefer my Godzilla live-action. I've loved most of the previously animated versions of Godzilla, the Hannah-Barbera series and the Godzilla '98 series especially were really fun, but nothing beats a Godzilla feature done in amazing "Suitmation". 

One day I will have to speak about my unconditional love for Godzilla '98. I'm just about Zilla's only fan, and I think that's just fine. An underappreciated monster design failed by his own script. I do enjoy his recurring role as a joke in other Godzilla media tho. It's just nice seeing him appear from time-to-time.

Netflix Godzilla Trailer

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