Friday, December 15, 2017

X-mas is right around the corner. SANTA KNOWS ALL. And now so do you! My X-mas list!

Although I maintain that it hasn't really felt like Christmas for me for many, many years (partially because I dislike the holiday season) I can't help but enjoy the anticipation of good ol' Saint Nick bringing good cheer all across the world. For better or for worse this season does seem to bring with it an atmosphere where people are generally nicer. So I guess I'd better appreciate it for that at least. I just wish the music played wasn't such horrible garbage to listen to. 

In other news; I thought I'd share what I want most for X-mas. Because my tastes are generally different and offbeat, my friends and family usually have a difficult time shopping for me. If they happen to find this list somehow I'd be surprised. 

And there you have it. As you can see, I collect novelties. Not sure why it's so difficult for my loved ones to shop for me; I think it's pretty straight forward once you understand what I like. 

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