Monday, January 15, 2018

Current Read: "Without the Bands", by Darrell B. Cobb

So I don't normally read novels, but this one is different. It's a novel that is about the SubGenius mythos, in a sense anyway. I don't believe this is an official release by the SubGenius Foundation, which makes it even more interesting. 

The story is about a strange salesman named John Robert Dobbs and  the events that transpire after his wife, Connie, and his daughter Carrie, are killed in a fire at their home. Bob returns home and is mostly unaffected by it all, and now lives in a tent on the property where his house used to be. Some SubGenii have taken noticed though that this man named J.R. Dobbs, with a wife named Connie, looks like the spitting image of the smiling Dobbshead that represents "Bob" in all Church of the SubGenius materials. What makes things even more interesting is that Bob has a strange neurological disorder that allows him to transverse multiple dimensions and see beings from different time periods at nearly all times. 

So is Bob Dobbs actually "Bob" Dobbs? I'm not sure yet, but this is such an interesting read. I got it on my Kindle app for $3 two days ago, but I only really started reading it today and I can't stop. I honestly can't tell where the story is going. Part of me feels like this is just high-grade fanfiction that is meant to be an "origin story" for "Bob", but I'm not sure if that's the right mindset to have while reading it. I don't want to take this as part of the official liturgies.

What I find interesting is how each chapter starts with a quote from G.I. Gurdjieff, a mystic who was popular back in the early 20th century.

I'm about 20% done with the novel, and it's starting to really pick up. I'll give my final thoughts on it after I'm done, but I can definitely say it's worth a read.

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