Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Drowning my woes in 1990's fansites

Like Popeye, I feel pretty bad, but at least I look better than I usually do. My hair is shorter and easier to manage, and I'm starting to lose the weight I gained over the holiday season. It's been a slow shuffle to start this year. Only 16 days in and I feel like I've been drowning in my own misanthropy. 

I'm trying to stay positive though, and relax my mind so I can focus on the important stuff. Recently I've started smoking mugwart, a legal herb that is suppose to offer some benefits during sleep, but also help relax the body. It tastes no different than tobacco, but I'm not expert. I do feel it's smoother than pipe tobacco though, and it leaves my apartment smelling rather aromatic like I've been burning incense. 

Another aspect about of my positivism are my hobbies. Generally, I collect action figures and books, but my finances are tight right now, so I've decided to shift all of that obsessive energy into reconnecting with my other hobbies; namely watching obscure old cartoons and anime. 

And although I haven't had much time lately to watch any anime, I've found myself digging through more and more archaic fansites and character shrines from the 1990's. Last year I created my own, soley based on Sasami from the long-running "Tenchi" series, but I feel like putting together a much larger site to dedicate to my favorite anime character of all time. Maybe I'll just take what I've already created and reestablish it on a web-hosting site that provides more than a few measly MB of memory. Angelfire isn't as powerful as it once was; maybe I'll try Tripod next. 

I don't have a plan just yet, but I've been carrying a notebook around and jotting down ideas. I hope to have something up by the summer. 

I wonder if I have to learn HTML... 

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