Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Flush Force", Series 1, "Hear the call and flush them all!", by Spinmaster

My first toy purchase of this year. Flush Force is a toyline similar to Grossery Gang or Poopeez, but is more monster-based in a way. Actually, it reminds me of the poster for the '80's film "Ghoulies". The toiled shaped container contains two Flushies that need to be freed with water. You remove the lid from the tank, pour in a bit of water, shake the toilet, and the bit of paper in the bowl withers away revealing the figures. 

It's pretty fun to release the toys from their toilet prison. The figures are beautifully detailed for being so small. They're not soft and squishy like the Grossery Gang toys from Moose, but they're soft and rubbery, and nicely painted. The little possum I got is actually flocked and fuzzy. 

For $3, these were definitely worth it for kids and collectors. I may pick up a few more of these in the future. 

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