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Monday, January 1, 2018

*Insert Inspirational New Year Post Here*

"2018" is going to be a big fucking pile of shit, but that doesn't mean we have to accept what it throws at us. Through the power of reality manipulation, time-control, and our abilities to create wild hypotheses on near psychotic levels, our can ride our very own mania like a wave and survive the year and make it to "2019" somehow. 

And don't get it twisted, there will be heavy casualties this year; there always are. Nothing is sacred, and it will all be dust eventually, but you have keep moving forward regardless of it all. 

Your enemies will be many; they're everywhere, and they're out to stop you. They're your friends, relatives, or even worse, your responsibilities. I shudder to think of it, but if you really have no alternative, push yourself to the brink and force yourself to do more. When life gives you lemons, you put them in the freezer and throw them at whoever stands in your way! To hell with them all! 

Your freedom and survival for this year will depend on how much bullshit you are willing to put up with; but once you realize it's all bullshit, just let your indifference take over and let your apathy empower for the nonsense you will see. And don't fool yourself' you're going to see a lot of dumb shit this year. I know that because this year won't be that different than last year, and there was an endless stream of dumb shit last year. Don't get angry with it; try to enjoy it in some way, and you've won. 

Lastly, make a change. Any change. It doesn't matter what you change, so long as you change! CHANGE DAMN YOU! Even the smallest habit change can lead to new horizons in the future. Don't remain stagnant, stay fresh! The good-times are over! CREATE NEW GOOD-TIMES! 

Even in the darkest moments of what will be "2018", sometimes pulling the wool over your own eyes and telling yourself it's all going to be okay can be an empowering lie. But it's not really a lie; the dark times don't last forever, and I dare say they don't last very long at all, but they weigh more than the good times do, so they drag us down harder. 

I say, when the going get's tough, just tell yourself, "You know what, fuck it, tomorrow is another day and I don't have to put up with this bullshit". It may very well save your life, and your sanity, in one fell swoop. 

So that's my New Year message to you all. There's not much else to say. Always remember you were born with original slack, so don't let the Conspiracy take it from you. Cherish your figments, and know that if you think you saw something; you did. Praise "Bob", Hail Eris, and Thank Bigfoot that we made it to this point in our lives where we can kick the shit out of "2018". The year is barely a few hours old, but I already hate it, and I can't wait to just crush it. 

By the time "2019" comes around, I want to be in control. You should too. 

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