Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Mega Shark vs Kolossus" (2015): The Kolossus is pretty rad

I'm a pretty big fan of the "Mega Shark" series of films from The Asylum. I personally think they're better than the "Sharknado" movies, but not as good as the "Sharktopus" movies. The most recent "Mega Shark" movie had the titular shark battling a giant robotic monster called the Kolossus, who looks like one of the titans from "Attack on Titans" (specifically the one in the image below). I don't believe that the idea of the Kolossus was to capitalize on the "Attack on Titan" anime craze per say, but I'm sure the final design was meant to be a nod to that very popular series.

It's not the best movie in the series, but it is the most interesting rival ol' Mega has had since the series started. Kolossus is just a rad looking monster, who was designed by Sasha Burrow, who is a VFX artist for The Asylum. 

I'm not sure why I really like this monster. He looks like a giant action figure that came to life to destroy humanity. Powered by "red mercury", the Kolossus fight with Mega Shark doesn't actually last pretty long. The film has two plots that take forever to come together, but I still enjoyed it. I just wanted to highlight the the cool visual design for the Kolossus. I kind of wish he'd have his own series. 

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