Tuesday, January 2, 2018


There has been an amazing commercial released by Taco Bell that "reveals" the least secret, secret society in history. A group of people who want to eat cheap and delicious garbage food for $1 called the Belluminati, where they worship George Washington (because he appears on the $1 bill) and are protected by their symbol of the "All Seeing Bell"  as they eat their tacos or whatever.

The setting is very "Eyes Wide Shut" inspired; lots of weird masks, costumes, and beautiful people eating their Taco Bell value meal cuisine.

Vaguely satanic robes are also dawned by the members of the Belluminati, and they perform strange rituals to appease their unholy delicious gods!

What's genius about these commercials, and this promotion in general, is how it is how it is based off the various conspiracies based around the All Seeing Eye, and how, Taco Bell is one of the many faces of what people really think is the actual Illuminati. 

And the conspiracy nuts are going crazy because of these commercials and it's pretty great. As if our reptilian overlords would use their infinite power and resources to sell us cheap junk food. But no, please believe that the Belluminati is real.

Here's some of the evidence given by the researchers who connect Taco Bell to the reptilian Illuminati. As you can see, it's pretty thorough. 

 And for your benefit and research, here is what Taco Bell uploaded on their Twitter account. If you search this dollar bill, you will find the password needed to enter the Belluminati website. I'm generous though, so I zoomed in to the answer on the second image. 

So there you have it, Belluminati confirmed. It's basically just a shop where you can get some neat Taco Bell merch.


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