Friday, January 12, 2018

"The Happy Mutant Handbook" is a masterpiece of timeless 1990's wisdom

So sometime back I ordered a book from Amazon call "The Happy Mutant Handbook" without any prior knowledge of what it would be about, but I was under the impression that I would be a big fan because it was reminiscent of "The Official Slacker Handbook" and "The Book of the SubGenius". And I thought since I love both those books, I would give this one a read. I do love counterculture handbooks. 

And boy oh boy was I astonished to the beauty of this book. Full color, glossy pages, and a huge collaboration of authors. The content is somewhat limited to the 1990's, but the various concepts can be applied to the present day to avoid adherence to normal culture. Like the previously mentioned books, this handbook is one about rebellion, but specifically, rebellion against how we absorb and dispense content through media. 

Taking into account how much slowly we used to enjoy our entertainment through television, radio, and the internet way back in the 1990's, that just makes the battle these days all the more difficult as we are bombarded by normal media at all times, but we can also drown in the media we enjoy. Even the things we love can become vanilla if we consume them too regularly. 

I've just started reading this wonderful book, but I'm already deeply impressed. I don't believe there are any revised copies, or updated editions, and that's just as well. I would hate this wondrous artifact to be tainted by today's terrible standards for media.    

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