Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Tralfamadorians

The Tralfamadorians are a race of aliens that appear in the work of Kurt Vonnegut, an author who I'm deeply unfamiliar with. I know his name, but I've never read his work. Shameful I know, but I'm far too busy reading other things to make the time. Especially during the semester. It is simply impossible for me. 

What's funny is that in the novel, "Without the Bands", by Darrell Cobb, the Tralfamadorians have a surprisingly important part to the story of John Robert Dobbs (who may be or not be the "Bob" of SubGenius lore). They're described as looking like toilet plungers with a single hand at the top. Such a simple design for these interesting 4th dimensional creatures. 

After watching the "Thug Notes" video (below) about "Slaughterhouse Five", by Kurt Vonnegut, I can definitely see the influence that story had on "Without the Bands".  I won't give any spoilers, like at all, because I think if you enjoy the SubGenius mythos you'd definitely enjoy "Without the Bands". It's a really interesting story. I'm looking forward to the conclusion. I'm about 80% done with the book.

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