Monday, January 22, 2018

The Astro-Zombies is a woefully underappreciated series of movies

It's difficult for me to express how much I adore the "Astro-Zombies" films from Ted V. Mikels. Oh sure, the original "Astro-Zombies" is a definite cult classic and is favored by so many longtime fans, but there's something about the newer crop of Astro-Zombies that really captures my heart. 

Ted. V. Mickels is a legend in grindhouse filmmaking, and his movies always have a particular style to them. His older films have a sort of grit that you can only really feel when watching movies on film, while digital filming make his movies look so much more polished. I'm not sure which I prefer because both have their merits. I think though, these newer Astro-Zombie movies have a higher degree of imagination to them. They feel like comic book movies to me. 

Ted V. Mikels (TVN) and I exchanged a few emails before his passing. It was a real big shock when I found out  that he had passed away, but I'm glad that I at least got to say hello to him through email before then. 

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