Monday, January 29, 2018

Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy

"Batman & Robin" is a pretty unforgettable and unforgivable shit film. Aside from some beautiful costume and set design, it isn't worth watching at all. Unfortuneately for me though, I do return to it sometimes because it has one of my all-time Hollywood crushes in it as one of my favorite Batman villains. I'm not certain if I could consider her miscast, or cast too well, for this film, but Uma Thurman's over-the-top performance really makes this movie shine a bit for me. I never saw Poison Ivy as a "glamor girl" like how she was portrayed in this movie, but it works given the cheesy atmosphere that was presented. 

And a special not has to be said for my favorite film version of Bane. Without a trace of irony I can honestly say I adore his sort of "toxic BDSM" spiked look with the greenish-yellow skin with disgusting black veins like he's filled to bursting with poison, the various tubes connected to a chest centered push button with a fallout symbol on it, and the near comic accurate mask that was given a strange breathing vent. It's a shame he was used as a lackey for Poison Ivy. I mean really, Bane had the best look out of any character in the film and I don't think he had a decent fight scene at all. Relegated to single word responses and being defeated by Robin and Batgirl; what a tragedy.

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