Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wrestler Wednesday: La Momia (Chile), Titanes Del Ring

So La Momia (Chile) has a special place in my heart. My family comes from Chile, but I myself am all American. I was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City, so my life and reality perspective is that of an American. I've been to Chile quite a number of times, and each time, it feels like I'm in another world entirely. 

I grew up watching the WWF (now WWE) and Lucha Libre (AAA or CMLL) on Telemundo, as well as indie wrestling on various public access channels. My uncles used to tell me about the wrestling program they grew up watching called "Titanes Del Ring" (Titants of the Ring), which was one of the many popular shows to borrow the name from the original Argentinian television show, "Titanes en el Ring" (Titans in the Ring). So, all throughout South America there were variations on the very popular character of "La Momia", with the Argentinian being the original and still the most famous. 

I grew up being told about the Chilean version of La Momia, who was a towering 6'7'' or so monster with a bad attitude and a dirty look. A much different Momia than the Argentinian version, who was a hero and looked relatively clean in comparison (and who was much, much shorter). La Momia (Chile) was a brutal and unapologetic cheater and heel, and he was a popular attraction. Definitely a schoolyard favorite according to my uncles. My one uncle especially completely ignores all other momias, calling them "fakes for kids". 

Chilean wrestling back in the old days was an interesting thing to watch. From what I've seen it has the look of a variety show, with a full band, hosts, judges, and audience. A far cry from wrestling was in America or other parts of the world during that same period, which was trying to portray pro-wrestling as more of a sport like boxing rather than as "sports entertainment" (as Vince McMahon likes to call it). 

The original wrestler (as far as I can tell) who portrayed La Momia (Chile) passed away back in 2005, but the character was resurrected by new promoters who are trying to rebuild wrestling culture in Chile. No big bands, judges, etc., like in the old days. The newest version of the Titanes resembles something you would see on the indie circuit in present time. This new version of La Momia isn't as tall as the original, but he is just as gruesome and powerful. 

The real mystery though is, I'm not entirely sure how many wrestlers have been La Momia (Chile). I've read conflicting stories about who wore the suit longest, who was first and the last. All this tells me is that La Momia (Chile) will never die, and as long as there is a wrestling culture in Chile La Momia will rise up from his tomb to take on all comers. 

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