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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wrestler Wednesday: A look at Super Porky, Brazo de Plata

Super Porky might be one of the greatest inspirations in professional wrestling. I've been a fan of his since my high school days. He's a short guy, about 5-feet-tall, and overweight for his size, but I've heard he's lost a great deal of weight recently. Still, he's an amazing athlete, and super skilled in the ring.

Super Porky, also known as el Brazo de Plata, or "the Man with the Silver Arm", is pretty well respected in the lucha libra-world. Not only as a veteran of the ring, but as a performer with huge contributions. He has mentored countless young luchadores, and even though he acts like a fool in the ring, he is very well loved both by friends and luchadores alike.

Super Porky had a brief stint in the WWE during their "Junior Division" phase, where he wrestled wrestlers who were 5' or shorter. The WWE didn't really know what to do with Super Porky or his fellow Junior Division superstars, but I guess it was worth it to see Super Porky on American television.

So, this is my first post for the "Wrestler Wednesday" segment on this blog. I'm going to try and keep it up for the rest of the year, and maybe I'll create other segments as well. Super Porky is an amazing talent that more wrestling fans should know about. He smashes through what we think a wrestler should look and act like. I think he was a great first choice for "Wrestler Wednesday".

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