Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The only true winner, is Meat Sweats.

The new toys that are inspired by the designs from the new cartoon "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" look kind of lame. At least to me. I wasn't too impressed with their overall look at first, and it still hasn't grown on me. I think Donatello looks alright, but otherwise this is all one big shrug for me. 

From this new line I only really like the character Meat Sweats, so I might pick him up. Maybe. If I can remember to. 

This new Splinter looks adorable in figure form, but I'm still not a fan of this design at all. Look at those lazy flower designs on his outfit.

April looks pretty cute. I love her hair and glasses, and her blazing fire bat, but I'm going to pass on this figure as well. And her little monster friend reminds me of that CGI "TMNT" movie, which is still my least favorite out of all the TMNT films. So big pass on him.

At this point the show is still kind of a mystery. All we know is that Raphael is the leader now, the turtles use magic, Shredder isn't around yet, and April O'Neal is a black girl now. That all aside, we have no clue what the show will be like or what the animation will look like in motion. I'm still going to give the show a watch, but I also don't have any expectations either way for it. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Stretch Monster makes his cartoon debut!

So I finally had some time to watch "Stretch Armstrong and the Flex-Fighters" on Netflix. It's an alright show, really middle of the road in its storytelling. The superhero costumes are still pretty ugly, but the animation quality isn't half-bad. Reminds me of "Zevo-3", a Sketchers sponsored cartoon show I really enjoyed. Anyway, everything is just fine in this show, but the really standout thing for me is the villain Stretch Monster, a classic toy character finally brought to life in animation after decades.

I'm only 7 episodes into this show, so I don't know the full story behind Stretch Monster, but I really like his presence, design, and overall look. When the trailer for this show first premiered last year I had my suspicions that Stretch Monster would be a villain, but I didn't think he'd be a part of the bigger mystery that drives the plot of the show. Stretch Monster is supplying other villains with a chemical called "Flexarium", which causes them to mutate into other monsters. Again, a plot element reminiscient of "Zevo-3" and the zevo compound, or the mutagen from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

There's also a line of toys that goes along with this show, of course, and there's even a new Stretch Monster action figure and a retro-styled stretch toy which is more akin to the original Stretch Monster stretch toy from the 1970's. I may pick up the action figure, even if the colors on it aren't cartoon accurate. I want the stretch toy, but I can already imagine the rubber on that thing rotting after so many years, and all that corn syrup just leaking out.

So the show is fine I guess. If I was a kid I would probably love it, but I don't see it as anything special really. It does though carry with it  the air or feeling of an old Saturday morning cartoon, so at the very least it has that going for it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy (belated) John Frum Day!!!

John Frum (JF) is the messianic figure from the John Frum Movement (JFM), a small religious cult from the Vanuatu Islands, on the island of Tana. JF is a spiritual being to has taken the guise of a World War II era G.I., flies an airplane, and delivers cargo crates to his followers filled with all the amenities of life that they might need. He also lives in a volcano. He may also be the son of a volcano god.

Every year the people who follow this faith celebrate every February 15th with a parade and sermonizing about JF and his return. 

The primary icon/symbol of the JFM is a red cross, similar to the one seen on medical supplies or first aid medical tents. 

Not much is known about good ol' JF. Some believe "John Frum" isn't even his name, and that, it might be a cutoff of the phrase "John from America". And, according to an article from Vice, his name might even be "John Brum" (or "John Broom") as in to "broom away the colonial rulers of their island" who were still making life difficult for the natives during WWII.

John Frum is now one of my all-time favorite deities. A powerful, volcano dwelling, American G.I. who knows all, and will bring precious cargo to his believers is an amazing description for a present day god. JF really does feel like the manifestation of a certain aspect of American Military culture. 

Chief Isak is the leader and head honcho of the faith, and has been carrying the burden of leadership since the 1970's after his father bestowed the title of Chief to him. He wears military clothes as his religious garb, and speaks positively of America and American culture. 

I wonder if John Frum is a distant relative of another man-god and mad prophet. 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Soylent Cafe Coffiest soy based chemical drink...

So after months of waiting patiently, I finally got to try Soylent. I really love drinks like Nutrament, Slim Fast, Ensure, etc., and I thought I was going to love this stuff. My expectations were maybe too high, but what can I tell you, I'm a sucker for these sorts of drinks. Let me tell ya though, I was really dissapointed by Soylent. 

Oh sure it's pretty balanced with it's nutrition, and it has an entire chemistry sets worth of ingredients, but it's also rather bland tasting. And it didn't keep me full at all. Usually a can of Nutrament will keep me going for a while, but this stuff just felt like water in my gut. And the caffeine in this Cafe Coffiest blend wasn't enough to keep that creeping caffeine headache away. But I still wanted to love it. Not just because I've waited so long to try it, but also because I think it's hilarious they named this nutrition drink after an old horror flick. 

What a bust. Maybe the other flavors are better, but for $4 bucks a bottle I might have to stay away. I can get a can of Nutrament from the supermarket for like half that, and it tastes better and keeps me full. 

Also, and this might just be me because I have a sensitivity to certain foods, but this Soylent drink really upset my stomach. Like it felt like a hurricane of nonsense going through my intestines. Again though, that's probably more me and not the drink itself.

I dunno, if you're a health nut you might like this, but I think I'll stick to other brands when it comes to this sort of drink. I feel like I would have had a better breakfast drink if I just had a Yoo-Hoo. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Coffee flavored seltzer water?! WHAT ALCHEMY IS THIS!

So while at 711 yesterday, I was picking up a few things to munch on while I work, I found a bottle of coffee flavored seltzer water. Hal's New York Seltzer is a local brand I guess, I only noticed them a few years ago, and they make pretty delicious flavored seltzer water. It actually might be my favorite brand of seltzer. I don't drink this stuff too often, since my diet consists mainly of water, actual coffee, the occasional Shasta Tiki Punch.

This "limited edition" coffee flavored drink (that actually contains caffeine) was an interesting experiment. I'm not used to anything with a coffee flavor being so refreshing. And the caffeine kick as pretty good too. Not a huge buzz, but it was enough to keep me full of pep while I worked on some paperwork. Certainly, this drink was way better than anything like a Monster or a Red Bull. But it's still a "coffee flavored" water, so it just sort of just tastes like really watered down coffee. 

I like the idea of a lightly caffeine infused seltzer, so I hope they keep making stuff like this. I may pick up more of this before the run is over with. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The "Cloverfield" movies don't seem THAT connected to each other, but whatever.

So having watched the entire "Cloverfield" series, I can say that I probably enjoyed "The Cloverfield Paradox" the most because it deals with fringe sciences and interdimensional travel, and those are usually high on my list of favorite movie tropes. I enjoyed the original "Cloverfield" very much, I'm a sucker for a giant monster movie, but I thought the story being told in "The Cloverfield Paradox" was a lot more interesting. 

Now that there are three films in this series, and one more coming this year, I wonder if there will be a way to sew them together eventually. They share themes, iconographies, and even creatures, but there is no cohesive or solidified story that connects them all together. I say that, but "The Cloverfield Paradox" feels like it could be a prequel for "Cloverfield" in someways (well in one big way, anyway).

I guess that's part of the fun, and probably why this series may never die out. So long as the creators keep hinting a connection, fans will keep watching in hopes it will all come together somehow. This sort of interest is what kept the "Five Night's at Freddy's" series so popular. I'm sure the good people at Bad Robot will just keep pumping out "Cloverfield" movies until viewership starts to dwindle, then just reboot the series a few after that to reinvigorate the franchise. 

Well I don't want to sound too cynical. I do like these movies, even if there's little to prove they have anything to do with each other. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

My reflection of "Breafast of Aliens" (1993)

So I found this movie while searching for something to watch a little earlier. The description made it seem like more of a comedy than it actually was, so I thought it'd be a good way to burn some time away. What I found though was a very strange and interesting story about a good natured loser, named Walter, and the "Outer Limits"-styled adventure he was sucked into by complete accident. 

"Breakfast of Aliens" really, really surprised me. The tone bounces around everywhere, and I literally could not tell what was going on in certain scenes. There's a darkness to this movie that I can't really explain. It goes from being a straightforward narrative to a twisted nightmare; but who's nightmare is it? I'm not sure, but I feel like I need to watch it again to get a better grasp of what this movie is all about. 

This definitely isn't a bad movie, not by my standards anyway, but it is a strange movie. Worth seeking if you like films that are experimental in nature. Below is a review I found that highlights some of the scenes from the film.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Rubik's Crew Optimus Prime toy-puzzle

I saw this "Rubik's Crew" Optimus Prime figure at Staples the other day and I kind of regret not picking it up. $12 and made to compete with the Funko Pop! figures, the Rubik's Crew Optimus is actually a puzzle, like the name implies. It's head is a Rubik's cube puzzle! That's kind of great. What a fun gimmick for the collectors market. Sadly there's not too much in this line; just Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, and Pinkie Pie from "My Little Pony". I hope they make more, but I get the sneaking suspicion this may be the end of it. 

Weird side note; I have 8 Megatron figures, but no Optimus Prime. Actually, I have never owned an Optimus. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dinosaurs will always be cool

While at a friends house earlier, I found myself on Pinterest looking up old drawings and depictions of dinosaurs. Watching the "Ask Dr. Hal" show has really resparked my interest in dinosaurs. Dr. Hal being an expert sometimes goes on very interesting tangents about his love for dinosaurs and his hobby of collecting dinosaur figurines. Anyway, here are some of my favorite images from my search on Pinterest.