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Monday, February 12, 2018

Coffee flavored seltzer water?! WHAT ALCHEMY IS THIS!

So while at 711 yesterday, I was picking up a few things to munch on while I work, I found a bottle of coffee flavored seltzer water. Hal's New York Seltzer is a local brand I guess, I only noticed them a few years ago, and they make pretty delicious flavored seltzer water. It actually might be my favorite brand of seltzer. I don't drink this stuff too often, since my diet consists mainly of water, actual coffee, the occasional Shasta Tiki Punch.

This "limited edition" coffee flavored drink (that actually contains caffeine) was an interesting experiment. I'm not used to anything with a coffee flavor being so refreshing. And the caffeine kick as pretty good too. Not a huge buzz, but it was enough to keep me full of pep while I worked on some paperwork. Certainly, this drink was way better than anything like a Monster or a Red Bull. But it's still a "coffee flavored" water, so it just sort of just tastes like really watered down coffee. 

I like the idea of a lightly caffeine infused seltzer, so I hope they keep making stuff like this. I may pick up more of this before the run is over with. 

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