Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy (belated) John Frum Day!!!

John Frum (JF) is the messianic figure from the John Frum Movement (JFM), a small religious cult from the Vanuatu Islands, on the island of Tana. JF is a spiritual being to has taken the guise of a World War II era G.I., flies an airplane, and delivers cargo crates to his followers filled with all the amenities of life that they might need. He also lives in a volcano. He may also be the son of a volcano god.

Every year the people who follow this faith celebrate every February 15th with a parade and sermonizing about JF and his return. 

The primary icon/symbol of the JFM is a red cross, similar to the one seen on medical supplies or first aid medical tents. 

Not much is known about good ol' JF. Some believe "John Frum" isn't even his name, and that, it might be a cutoff of the phrase "John from America". And, according to an article from Vice, his name might even be "John Brum" (or "John Broom") as in to "broom away the colonial rulers of their island" who were still making life difficult for the natives during WWII.

John Frum is now one of my all-time favorite deities. A powerful, volcano dwelling, American G.I. who knows all, and will bring precious cargo to his believers is an amazing description for a present day god. JF really does feel like the manifestation of a certain aspect of American Military culture. 

Chief Isak is the leader and head honcho of the faith, and has been carrying the burden of leadership since the 1970's after his father bestowed the title of Chief to him. He wears military clothes as his religious garb, and speaks positively of America and American culture. 

I wonder if John Frum is a distant relative of another man-god and mad prophet. 

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