Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" looks unimpressive

Nickleodeons 2012 iteration of the TMNT franchise was without question my favorite version of these classic 1980's heroes. A messed up and mature version of the original 1980's series coated in nostalgia while at the same time creating it's own mythos. That series is now over, so of course it's time for another version of these heroes. Earlier today we saw the new designs and descriptions of how the turtles will be portrayed in "Rise" aaaaaand... I'm not really feeling it. 

I do like how each turtle is described as being based on a different breed or species of turtle, and the costume designs are pretty good (nice and colorful) but it's more the style that bothers me. I'm not a fan of very angular body-shapes in animation. Their square knees that look like sharp angles from the side view, they have weirdly slim bodies with boxy muscle structures with scribbled details to add some sort of detailing. It's like the 4Kids version of TMNT mixed with some influences from Jack Kirby, and it doesn't really work fo me. It also reminds me a bit of "Loonatics Unleashed", which was an okay show, but it also wasn't groundbreaking in any sense. 

Splinter I feel suffers the most with his new design. He looks like a parody of himself. Short, fat, and gerbil like. He looks more like Sifu from "Kung Fu Panda" than he does Splinter from TMNT. 

The story elements I've read talk about the use of magic in the show, and the rearrangement of the dynamics of the turtle family, along with new weapons, and that's all fine. Nothing to freak out about there, but I am concerned about how these characters will look in motion. I hope the motion is closer to "Justice League Unlimited" or "Batman the Animated Series", and not like "Danny Phantom" or "Tuff Puppy". Only time will tell I suppose. 

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