Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Soylent Cafe Coffiest soy based chemical drink...

So after months of waiting patiently, I finally got to try Soylent. I really love drinks like Nutrament, Slim Fast, Ensure, etc., and I thought I was going to love this stuff. My expectations were maybe too high, but what can I tell you, I'm a sucker for these sorts of drinks. Let me tell ya though, I was really dissapointed by Soylent. 

Oh sure it's pretty balanced with it's nutrition, and it has an entire chemistry sets worth of ingredients, but it's also rather bland tasting. And it didn't keep me full at all. Usually a can of Nutrament will keep me going for a while, but this stuff just felt like water in my gut. And the caffeine in this Cafe Coffiest blend wasn't enough to keep that creeping caffeine headache away. But I still wanted to love it. Not just because I've waited so long to try it, but also because I think it's hilarious they named this nutrition drink after an old horror flick. 

What a bust. Maybe the other flavors are better, but for $4 bucks a bottle I might have to stay away. I can get a can of Nutrament from the supermarket for like half that, and it tastes better and keeps me full. 

Also, and this might just be me because I have a sensitivity to certain foods, but this Soylent drink really upset my stomach. Like it felt like a hurricane of nonsense going through my intestines. Again though, that's probably more me and not the drink itself.

I dunno, if you're a health nut you might like this, but I think I'll stick to other brands when it comes to this sort of drink. I feel like I would have had a better breakfast drink if I just had a Yoo-Hoo. 

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