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Monday, February 19, 2018

Stretch Monster makes his cartoon debut!

So I finally had some time to watch "Stretch Armstrong and the Flex-Fighters" on Netflix. It's an alright show, really middle of the road in its storytelling. The superhero costumes are still pretty ugly, but the animation quality isn't half-bad. Reminds me of "Zevo-3", a Sketchers sponsored cartoon show I really enjoyed. Anyway, everything is just fine in this show, but the really standout thing for me is the villain Stretch Monster, a classic toy character finally brought to life in animation after decades.

I'm only 7 episodes into this show, so I don't know the full story behind Stretch Monster, but I really like his presence, design, and overall look. When the trailer for this show first premiered last year I had my suspicions that Stretch Monster would be a villain, but I didn't think he'd be a part of the bigger mystery that drives the plot of the show. Stretch Monster is supplying other villains with a chemical called "Flexarium", which causes them to mutate into other monsters. Again, a plot element reminiscient of "Zevo-3" and the zevo compound, or the mutagen from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

There's also a line of toys that goes along with this show, of course, and there's even a new Stretch Monster action figure and a retro-styled stretch toy which is more akin to the original Stretch Monster stretch toy from the 1970's. I may pick up the action figure, even if the colors on it aren't cartoon accurate. I want the stretch toy, but I can already imagine the rubber on that thing rotting after so many years, and all that corn syrup just leaking out.

So the show is fine I guess. If I was a kid I would probably love it, but I don't see it as anything special really. It does though carry with it  the air or feeling of an old Saturday morning cartoon, so at the very least it has that going for it.

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