Thursday, February 8, 2018

True freedom? Maybe when you're dead.

I'm not sure if there is a One True Conspiracy (OTC) as in one giant group or cabal of super-powered individuals that control the world. To me, that just seems like too much work and too much of a hassle to do. Maybe it's greys, maybe reptoids, maybe Masons, but it could also be just nothing. Humans are at the top of the food chain and we're so afraid of being knocked off our perch we create invisible boogeymen to be afraid of. 

Then again, maybe the OTC is held together as a whole by a series of smaller cabals, like a chain, and through that method they control the world through governmental and financial means. But they control money and laws, does that mean they control people? I mean *really* control people. 

The nature of the self is an interesting one because as a whole, people are easily distracted and like easy solutions. If you were lucky at birth, you weren't born in a country ruled by a shitty government. The US ain't so bad in that respect, we are generally considered the freeist country in the world, even with our commander in chief being a mouth-breathing goon. At the very least, the space between our ears is still free. Oh sure there are corrupted doctors out there who feed us endless pills in hopes this will "fix" whatever is wrong with our emotions, but so long as you keep off that stuff and just use your own free will to keep thinking for yourself you ought to be fine. 

This reality we're swimming in is one of the worst abstract works of art. I've been to the Museum of Modern Art, and I have to tell ya, this reality is far more confusing than anything on display there. I mean really, what the hell are we supposed to even do with this fucking mess? It's all upside down messed up broken. A friend of mine once told me she believed in a god that created this universe to see if he could, then just turned away from us because he was satisfied with himself. As if he just cracked himself off and didn't care where or how the rules of the universe splattered. 

If nothing makes sense then maybe you can say that nothing matters, but I'm not sure if that follows. Hunter S. Thompson once told someone there were two ways of living life; swimming towards a goal, or floating and seeing where the current takes you. That ain't half bad if you ask me. Either way meaning is gained, even if nothing makes sense at all. 

I'm not sure anyone really knows what they're doing. Not a single person. Civilizations come and go all the time. They come into existence like bubbles. They're there for a few minutes then they just burst and it was like they were never there at all. No one has the answer because there is probably no one alive (or dead) who has the answer. You could argue for the prophets of various religions, but, even if their teachings are truly beautiful they've served our world no good. Probably because no one cared enough to listen in the first place. "Bob" certainly doesn't have the answer; he's too divinely stupid to even live for more than a few moments any given instant. But maybe that's the key. 

Philosophy is ultimately the study of life and death. Never looking for any real solid answers, but just the answers we can understand the best. The Platonist's believed that this world we live in is a dream, and the we visit the really real world during our sleep phase and death. The universe of our dreams then, I think, is the real world. Not the figments you witness, or the movies you see in your head, but that fuzzy span of time where everything feels still and peaceful. In your dreams you can do anything you like without worry or repercussion, you can travel endlessly or stay in one place, and you can witness whatever the hell you want to witness. It's real and true freedom. It's Slack.

What is the face of God? Do the ancient gods exist at all? Will ODIN-1 save of or obliterate us? Who knows, who cares. The world might end tomorrow, and you may die, but if you're really and truly honest with yourself you might already be ready for that moment. Whenever you sleep your mind dies, in a way, and you are free. There is no interdimensional force, alien species, or secret society that can enslave your mind -- not really anyway. Sometimes I wonder why we're all so afraid of death. It's one of the few things we all have in common. You'd think we'd be better prepared for it as a human society. But like Albert King says, " Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die."

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