Saturday, February 17, 2018

UFO disclosure coming soon????

Above is a short documentary about Bob Lazar, a famous if not infamous scientist who has been saying for years that he has worked on UFO spacecraft technologies. I had heard about Lazar before, but I never gave him much of a chance because in the field of UFO studies there are just so many voices screaming to be heard. Early on in my life I just chose to have faith that aliens and UFO's exist because I didn't think you could ever prove such a phenomena. And for the public to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life, well, that's another matter entirely.

So I believe in aliens and UFO's, but I also disregard most mainstream news sources at garbage. I have no interest in news filtered through giant multimedia corporations. I'm too much of a cynic to give a shit. So naturally, because I shrug off mainstream news, I completely missed this admission of there being a covert government program that investigates UFO's. No disclosure, as I suspect they're still uncertain of the origins of these crafts, but there's enough visual evidence that would suggest this technology is highly advance. Highly advanced because the crafts in question seem to defy certain fundamental laws of flight. Any aircraft shaped as they are shouldn't be able to move as quickly as they do against the wind and around them. If you listen to the naval pilots in the video, they're stunned. 

The main reason I found out about this NY Times article, the footage, and the short video on Lazar was due to a reason episode of the podcast "Stuff They Don't Want You To Know". This episode is different than their normal episodes because they have a special guest, the man behind the Lazar documentary, who tells them in explicit detail the behind the scenes events and feelings of what's going on with this secret government program. Really and truly fascinating stuff. Give it a listen if you have the chance, it's only about an hour long. 

Sadly though, this isn't true disclosure as some would like it to be, and there's still plenty to be skeptical about. Even still, and even if I am a cynic, this sort of thing does really fill my heart with excitement. How amazing would it be if we learned more about this extraterrestrial, even extradimensional, presence in not just our solar system, but in our world. 

Many of the mystic philosophers I study and follow often talked highly of the UFO presence in our world, and I'm apt to believe it would be a profound and positive occurrence if disclosure were to occur. There's always the possibility of hostile forces as well, but I would rather not dwell too much on that; there's already enough to be afraid of here on earth, I would rather not think about outside threats as well. 

Regardless of your feelings, just do your own research and come to your own conclusions. You'd be amazed what sort of information can be corroborated and proven to be true. 

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