Saturday, March 10, 2018

Stoic Anunnaki Art! Dinosaur Talismans! Weird Religions! Giant Monsters! Secret Farts! Pins! King Koopa! Girls & Gorillas! Fungi!

So it's been quite some time since my last update. My apologies to anyone who frequents this little blog, but sadly my school life and professional life have been consuming more and more of my precious time. Finally though, after much strife, I have a bit of free time to share some thoughts with the world at large. So here are those thoughts.

SO! Last night I swung by Scumbags & Superstars in the Lower East Side  to check out their amazing selection of enamel pins. As soon as I entered I was greeted by some very friendly gentlemen who asked me if I wanted either beer or whiskey. I didn't want to be rude, so I chose whiskey. How could I ignore such hospitality. Always take a free drink, that's what I say.

As it turns out, the festivities were for a small gallery opening that was going on. I just happened to walk into the grand opening of it, and I even had a chance to exchange a few cordial words with the artist, Stoic Anunnaki, who was there. He shared his philosophy on art and society, and told us his process for creating such beautiful pieces such as these. 

The images below are of his gallery of work, with each piece being hand carved from wood, sanded down, and painted by himself over a span of three days. Truly and utterly beautiful. I was fortunate to have been in attendance of this event, if even for a little while. Serendipitous indeed.

Sometime earlier this week I decided in my infinite wisdom that plastic dinosaurs, like the ones you find in dollar stores, contain arcane and mystical properties that can be unlocked when you focus your mind energies through them. They are talismans, amulets, that  can contact the ghosts of long dead dinosaurs. Don't believe me? Try it yourself and find out the truth. 

For several years now the essence of the High Epopt of The Church of the SubGenius, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, has overshadowed my existence. Not so much guiding me, but just smiling that know-it-all grin as though he in all his anti-wisdom had certain secrets concealed from me. 

While I doubt I will know all of the unknowable secrets that "Bob" contains within his third nostril, I can now say I have stumbled onto something that was akin to "Bob" in some way. Finally, after much trial, my copy of "The Nuclear Platypus Biscuit Bible" has arrived. I haven't yet read a single page of this celebrated tome, but the day it arrived was the same day as a huge nor'easter that blanketed all of the East Coast in snow and slush, as though this Bible carried with it such enormous power that Mother Nature tried to delay its delivery! Once I read and finish this most holy of books I will write a bit about my experience with it here on this humble blog.

So that "Rampage" movie looks kind of great, right? I'm a sucker for a giant monster movie. I'm still riding a high from "Kong Skull Island". Lanard, the toy company made some amazing figures for "Kong". I very proudly own the 18-inch Lanard "Kong" action figure. 

It really is a beautifully sculpted thing that perfectly evokes the Kong we saw on screen. I plan on getting some of the other little figures in the line, but if I somehow fail to do that, I am happy at least having this. I had several Kong figures as a child, but they're lost in time and space. 

Lanard is really outdoing themselves this year though with their line of toys based off of "Rampage". I absolutely need a giant figure of George the albino gorilla to stand next to Kong. They're even in scale with each other. Lizzie and Ralph also look adorable as hell so I'll be picking them up too. I'm just so spoiled this year. So much kaiju goodness!!! 

Speaking of toys, my collection of "Poopeez" is still growing. I am a proud owner of no less than 12 Poopeez! I even managed to snag the elusive and ultra rare, S.B.D., the only "ultra rare" figure in the entire line!

And since I started collecting pins, which is something initiated by my purchase of my amazing "Bob" pin, I found a really cool "Bio Exorcist" pin by Super Secret Fun Club based on the business card Beetlejuice hands out the movie "Beetlejuice" (1989). I think it goes well with "Bob"... in fact it could very well be another form of "Bob"! Both pins look beautiful atop my cheap-ass bucket hat. 

In monster related news, someone on Facebook posted this amazing hi-res image of King Koopa from the "Super Mario Bros" movie. What an extreme and glorious looking creature this is. It's really sad we couldn't see more of this ferocious beast on screen. I think his screen presence only lasted a few seconds if my memory serves correct. 

On that note, please be sure to check out the Super Mario Bros Movie Archive, which is the most amazing collection of artifacts concerning that underrated film. And also the "Super Mario Bros. Minute Podcast" where an amazing man and woman discuss each and every single minute of the movie "Super Mario Bros." and relate to the listeners their interpretations and ideas about what the hell is going on. 

In other monster related news, I've become obsessed with images of gorillas terrorizing beautiful women. A trend started by the original "King Kong", but I really love the other Kong-like beasts just as much if not more in this regard. I feel as  though these sons of Kong, and real Yetikin, have a sort of resonance with my own personality... 

Special thanks has to be given to my beautiful partner and girlfriend Rin, for buying me these beautiful "Fungus Amongus" figures. I love that they come in little petri dishes that fit into a Ghostbusters-like containment unit. The giant "Super Bug" is especially glorious. I've named him "Jeffry". 

These "Funguys" are really sticky and gross. If you crumble them up in your hands they unravel as though they are truly alive. 

And for all the Dudeists of the world, I hope your Day of the Dude was a beautiful and slackful one. "The Big Lebowski" turned 20 years old this year. The much celebrated cult film deserves all of the accolades that it receives. A fun movie to revisit from time to time. 

Aside from watching the film itself, I think a fun way to celebrate this movie is by witnessing someone reacting to it who has never seen it before. "Funny or Die" posted this fun video a few days ago, and I highly recommend it. 

And lastly, I'm happy to share this. As a fan of "The Weekly Planet Podcast", a bit of my art from a previous post was added to this meme. The fellow with the beard is Mason, who is the co-host and possible secret love interest to James (also known as Mr. Sunday Movies). I can't recall who actually put this all together, but thank you for making me a part of it. I am deeply honored.

And there you have it. That is just some of the stuff that's been on my mind since my last post. I can't believe it took me so long to update, but life does get in the way sometimes. I'm not sure if I can update daily like I used to, but I will try my best to at least update every few days. And if you frequent this blog you might have noticed I've been sprucing it up a bit. That will continue to go on as I continue to become inspired. 

Anyway, take care.


  1. The Super Mario Bros Minute is hosted by one amazing man and one amazing woman, not two amazing men.

    1. Thank you for the correction, my deepest apologies. I think I'm getting my podcast hosts confused. My rotation of podcasts is quite extensive, and I'm new to SMBM.