Monday, March 19, 2018

The NewLife Expo was pretty awesome, but I couldn't find incense!

So I spent my Sunday at the NewLife Expo with my friends at Unarius and my pal Hercules Invictus. It was nice catching up with old friends, and making new ones. I have to give a shout out to the folks over at the local Hearts Center Community group who were super friendly and approachable. 

There are always such bright and wonderful colors at these sort of events. A lot of sweet people are in attendance, but also a lot of folks peddling snake oil and worthless products. I can't say I didn't have a load of fun though. The best part of being around so many spiritually minded people are the amazing conversations that can occur at any given moment in the day. 

I was somewhat bummed that no one was selling bundles of incense. Weird right? I thought this place beyond all others would have a huge assortment for me to choose from, but I didn't see any at all. Oh sure there were plenty of expensive rocks to buy, but I'm not into that sort of thing. Actually I didn't purchase much. Just a few DVD's from Unarius. I must be getting frugal as time goes by, or maybe my tastes in the esoteric are changing. 

In any case, below are some of the picture I took while I was there. The event took place in the New Yorker Hotel and I had the chance to go up to the 39th floor. What a beautiful view.

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