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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wrestler Wednesday: Ta-Gar, Lord of the Volcano!!!!

Ta-Gar, Lord of the Volcano, might very well be my new favorite wrestler. I know next to nothing about him aside from a few YouTube videos. He's battled Jerry "The King" Lawler though, so Ta-Gar must be some degree of legend. 

The best I can come up with is they wanted a fun but potentially scary gimmick to impress the kids in the audience, and so they created a new heel wrestler who seems to be very Master of the Universe influenced. I'm not sure if that's anywhere near the truth, but it sure feels like it is so I'm going with it. 

With his powerful Volcano Shield shooting sparks, and the nearly useless but cool ability to light his fingers on fire, Ta-Gar will forever remain a mystery. I can't find any information on who was the man behind the mask. I really enjoy his Iron Claw finisher powered by his exploding fingertips, it's a nice theatrical touch. 

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